1. Photographer: Andy Santiago

  2. D.S. Durga - ‘Cowboy Grass’ Cologne


    Only the manliest of scents will do for a cowboy. This offering from ‘D.S Durga’ lives up to the billing with strong doses of sage and thyme in what is a punchy, robust scent. Even when used sparingly, which is a must, you will feel the full effect. The incredibly musky ‘Cowboy Grass’ talks the talk, and absolutely demands that you walk the walk.


    £56 / $96 from D.S. & Durga.



  3. Model: Rachel James

    Photographer: James Norton

  4. Illesteva - ‘Charlie’ Backpack


    'Illesteva' reignite the flaptop with their 'Charlie' backpack. The piece is simple and sleek in style, with all the mess kept on the inside; there are no external zips or pockets drawing unnecessary attention. Just the one-two punch of the grained leather body that is superbly complimented by the the metal finish of the drawstrings and clasp. To top it off, the suede-lined interior is roomy enough for your day-to-day needs. A fantastic piece.


    £585 / $995 from Barney’s.



  5. Model: Hannah Kirkelie

    Photographer: Larsen Sotelo

  6. Model: Mara Teigen

    Photographer: Amber Asaly

  7. The Merchant Fox x Globetrotter - 30” Suitcase


    'The Merchant Fox' and 'Globetrotter' come together to create a piece that epitomises the phrase, 'to travel in style.' Chocolate and tan leather, expertly crafted, with brass fittings and check-flannel lining, that is typical of 'The Merchant Fox', give this piece a look that is straight out of Indiana Jones. So much so that you may well consider the merits of pairing it with an explorers hat, 6ft whip and a healthy dose of stubble. The safer bet is to utilise the wheels and gently stroll about your journey, while all those around you hurriedly rush.


    £1195 / $2040 from The Merchant Fox.



  8. Model: Ashley Moore

    Photographer: Jon Duenas

  9. goTenna


    While science does a pretty decent job at tackling the major concerns that we face, attention can be turned to the more minor issues, such as the irritating loss of mobile phone signal. The ‘goTenna’ takes on that challenge and comes out victorious. So long as both the sender and receiver are within 20ft of their ‘goTenna’ they can exchange text messages without restraint, via long-range radio waves, whether in the jungle, a top a mountain, or far more likely, in a concrete nightclub.


    £90 / $147 (per pair) from goTenna.



  10. Model: Cacia Zoo

    Photographer: Sam LI

  11. Model: Asia Redd

  12. Nike - ‘KD VI Elite’ Trainers


    When Kevlar makes it’s way into the production process, it is safe to say that the result is going to be one hell of an athletic trainer. Despite seemingly able to see through the body of the shoe, the Kevlar and ‘Flywire’ technology, along with a full sole air-bubble, make for a comfort level that is through the roof. The electric blue colourway with gold accents is nothing if not eye-catching, and if they are good enough to keep KD knocking them down from the field left right and centre, they can definitely handle whatever athletic use you have in store.


    £130 / $220 from Nike.



  13. Model: Julia Hamilton

    Photographer: David Cortes

  14. A.P.C. x Kanye - Bomber Jacket


    Only good things come when the likes of A.P.C. and Kanye get together for a range, as this bomber jacket can testify. Despite a very loose, relaxed fit this piece feels anything but baggy or clumsy. The Italian cotton is a winner, providing that quality feel reserved only for the most special of pieces, and there is just the right amount of sheepskin trim to pop against the body. This piece is more at home in an arrondisement than the O.K. Corral.


    £420 / $720 from A.P.C.



  15. Model: Dija King

    Photographer: Brandon Jordan