1. Model: Mercedes Edison

    Photographer: Raymond Croft

  2. Nomos ‘Tangente 33’


    In a world of oversized-bezels and depth gauges, the ‘Orion Anthracite’ stands out precisely because of its understated nature. Black and silver, there is a functional minimalism to the styling that is typically Germanic. A clean black face is neatly accented by the silver matchsticks that mark the minutes and hours. The steel that encases the dial, and black leather strap complete the incredibly sleek design that feels very much made for the Berlin architect. All the more reason to tap into it.


    £1,480 / $2,455 from Nomos.



  4. 'Larousse Gastronomique' Cookbook


    One of the go-to cooking repositories, ‘Larousse Gastronomique’ is all that is needed to attempt a crossover into the world of fine cooking. A wealth of classic recipes, largely French, ranging from ‘Artichokes a la Florentine’ to ‘Braised leg of lamb with spring onions, cover its 1000 pages. Knowledge of the recipe origin is also given, accompanied by charming photography and biographic profiles of influential chefs. The updated design of both cover and case ensures that the book will sit well on any modern shelf. Despite all this, ownership in no way entitles self-referral as a ‘foodie’.


    £48 / $80 from Waterstones.



  5. Model: Naressa Valdez

    Photographer: Michael Benatar

  6. Model: Hailee Lautenbach

    Photographer: Jared Thomas

  7. Givenchy - Wool Sweater


    Whether belonging to the country club, or the pages of a squeaky-clean catalogue, one slip with a wool sweater is all it takes for a look that is equal parts potent and underwhelming. Neither one, nor the other, this piece from ‘Givenchy’ has a classic black foundation that is accented by white stars for a decidedly strong look. Fitted, but not too tight, the tailoring is sleek, backed by the thin ribbing of the cuffs and neckline. Made from wool, but with the benefits of Teflon, the slick styling neatly avoids the many common pitfalls.


    £390 / $650 from Harvey Nichols.



  8. Model: Rewina Beshue

    Photographer: Aliya Armorer

  9. Finis - Neptune


    The immense physical benefits of swimming cannot be questioned. The huge downside is the dynamic of having nothing but crippling lactic acid and nausea for company as they are gained. ‘Finis’ lend a helping hand with their ‘Neptune’ MP3 player that, due to their bone conduction technology, can play music underwater without the need for headphones. 4GB capacity allows for ample amount of inspiring speeches, probably not intended for the goal of swimming ten lengths, or a mish-mash of music. Anything is better than nothing.


    £77 / $130 from Amazon.



  10. Photographer: Alexey Tishevsky

  12. Philips - Series 9000


    There is no better way to sink weeks of time, thereby boxing yourself into a corner, than deciding to grow a fully-fledged beard. Having well and truly missed the boat, instead of trying to squeeze yourself onto the very last seat of the bandwagon, hit ‘Philips’ up instead. Their ‘Series 9000’ trimmer is 100% waterproof and has everything needed, including laser guidance, to prevent combing your face becoming one of your hobbies.


    £100 / $165 from Amazon.



  13. Model: Ashley Moore

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  14. Porsche - Cayman GTS


    Much like sitting a juicy cherry on top of an already delicious cake, Porsche have added ‘GTS’ to their already excellent ‘Cayman.’ There is enough upgraded tools to have someone at the mercy of a salesman, chin-in-hand, nodding along as he highlights the sports exhaust, PASM dampers, 15 extra horses and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Minor touches aside, all that matters is that Porsche have somehow created a drive that is more exciting and controlled, even at the edge, than that of the ‘Cayman.’ The ‘GTS’ is for the most greedy of drivers, dutifully giving the little extra that is demanded of it.


    £55,397 / $91,800 from Porsche.



  15. Model: Denise Schaefer

    Photographer: Lucas Passmore