2. Model: Lucero S

    Photographer: Cesar Lepe

  3. Cartier Premiere Sunglasses


    Cartier deliver a fantastically sleek accessory for the less conspicuous of hearts. A simple black rounded shape is subtly accented by three metal rivets, and a platinum finish, to give these sunglasses a classic look. The grey polarised lenses are a nice touch and finish a piece that is ideal for those that are looking to catch the eye for the right reasons.


    £473 / $795 from Cartier



  5. Model: Lilakoi Moon

    Photographer: Edwin Munt

  7. Givenchy Speaker Print Bermuda Shorts


    If you like your retro and vintage to be brand new and clean, these bermuda shorts from Givenchy are for you. On first impression they do look a bit frumpy, but when paired with a crisp tee and sharp trainers they fix up very nicely. Tread with caution though because this is a high risk, high reward item. A couple of wrong moves and you will look as though you have fallen out of a Beastie Boys music video.


    £675 / $1135 from Mr Porter



  8. Illesteva Sunglasses
    Clarity of vision, or shade from the sun? A tough decision for the visually impaired male on a beach day. Illesteva are doing their part for the struggle. Slot your prescription lenses into this pair and hit two birds with one fashionable stone. The metal detailing of the detachable shaded front and matte black finish forge an incredibly striking look. They are far from understated though, so make sure your entire outfit is equally fresh to shutdown those haters.
    £245 / $415 from Mr Porter
  9. Model: Hailee Lautenbach

    Photographer: Amber Asaly

  10. Model: Marilhéa Peillard

    Photographer: Hannah Sider

  11. Model: Kasey Elise

    Photographer: Christian Long

  12. Juream Box Beanbag
    Channel some of the 1960’s vibe with a beautifully crafted beanbag from Juream Box. These are not the cheaply manufactured blobs from your childhood. Each bag is made from top quality material and hand dyed in an equally vibrant Coral Pink, Autumn Orange or Bahama Blue. The large size makes for a lovely visual accessory in any room. Exorcise those childhood memories, practicality never looked so good.
    £95 / $160
  13. Virgin Holidays (Gatwick - Las Vegas)
    As the familiar murmurs of Ibiza and Croatia holidays begin to grow, turn it up to 11 with a trip to Las Vegas. Home to the best stories in the world, there is no other city like it. When it comes to party chit-chat, you’ll be holding the trump cards for quite some time. Virgin Holidays will get you there and good time organisers London2Vegas will take care of the rest. Go for their high roller package for maximum damage. 
    7 nights (1st June) Caesars Palace - £1579 / $2650
  14. Photographer: Cody Klintworth

  15. Model: Asia Dee

    Photographer: Taghrid Chaaban