1. Model: Yasmin Jamal

    Photographer: Alexei Bazdarev

  2. Bottega Veneta - Quilted Jacket


    Balancing practicality and style is never easy, and with quilted-jackets it is the latter that usually takes a back seat. Not this time though, and although this piece from ‘Bottega Veneta’ is stacked with down, it will do a lot more than keep you warm. Steering clear of a sailing orange or camping green colourway, as well as a shiny vinyl aesthetic that is reserved for only the very worst scenario, the matte-black of this bomber jacket sets a tone that cannot be matched. Tight cuffs and a high collar complete styling that is all business.


    £850 / $1365 from Mr. Porter.



  3. Model: Alee Rose

    Photographer: Rob Timko

  4. Model: Chelsea Turnbo

    Photographer: Delta Element

  5. Model: Mila Ryzhkova

    Photographer: Alex Kolodyahni

  6. Model: Gloria Zona

    Photographer: Emanuele Ferrari

  7. 'Master-Piece' Backpack


    Peach leather and camouflage combined is, on paper at least, a recipe for disaster; someone to push the big red button being all that is required. Thankfully, Japanese brand ‘Master-Piece’ are pulling the strings and they have done the impossible. Camouflage is a whole lot easier to stomach as part of a wool-blend and the peach leather adds a further touch of class. The military-inspired style is both durable and fine. True to form, there is plenty of space and the finer details will continue to be noticed well into ownership.


    £215 / $345 from Mr. Porter.



  8. Model: Devyn Noell Adair

    Photographer: Delta Element

  9. TAG Heur ‘1887 Heritage’ Watch

    Silver and blue is not the most common colour combo when it comes to luxury timepieces, so this ‘1887 Heritage’ watch from ‘TAG Heur’ is one up before even starting. There is an overall elegance to the piece, with it’s lack of dials, rivets or bolts, that is purely understated; everything carefully considered. A tone that is set by the silver and blue colourway of the piece, displaying a chemistry to rival that of a young Jerry and George.


    £3,995 / $6,415 from Goldsmiths.



  10. 'Onitsuka Tiger x Hanon' Sneakers

    Japan and Scotland are unlikely bedmates in every respect, so this sneaker collab is pioneering in its inspiration. With a sleek and slim profile, the nimble shoes are more O-ren Ishi than William Wallace, while not much need be said about the black and gold colourway. The contrast is stunning, crowned by the dusting of gold around the laces. You could look long and hard and never see the Scottish in the mix, but when the styling is this sharp, inspiration is secondary. 


    £110 / $180 from Hanon.



  12. Model: Agata Jenczelewska

    Photographer: Raymond Croft

  13. Model: Christina Santini

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  15. Model: Komisa Raven

    Photographer: Christian Long