2. Comme des Garçons - Embossed Wallet


    Having to unzip your wallet, as opposed to unfold it, before making it rain is slightly unusual, but it would pay to reconsider any doubts over a purse-wallet, especially with this offering from ‘Comme des Garçons’ in mind. They have not held back at all and the burgundy leather, embossed with a diamond pattern, is a strong look. The wallet itself is not too bulky in size and once you have held it, those doubts will be non-existent. Sometimes you just have to give it to the Japanese and follow their lead.


    £85 / $145 from Mr. Porter.



  3. Model: Danielle Alcaraz

    Photographer: Marcel Zuurmond

  4. Moncler - ‘Blaise’ Jacket


    If you are looking for a slick maritime inspired jacket, without having to land tonnes of king crab to get it, look no further than this superb piece from Moncler. The slick black colourway sets the piece apart immediately and the jacket fits as well as it looks, slim but not tight, hanging at your side. The detachable hood is a nice touch, and when removed, offers a smarter look. It being a Moncler jacket means that there is no need to worry about the practical aspects, this piece is reserved for the grim reaper of North Sea fishermen.


    £670 / $1140 from Moncler.



  5. Model: Mara Teigen

    Photographer: Amber Asaly

  6. Model: Ashley Sky

    Photographe: Nick Suarez

  7. Biegert & Funk - ‘QLOCKTWO W’ Watch


    For those that feel the mechanical watch, with a numerical face and rotating arms, is too antiquated, the ‘QLOCKTWO W’ is the only digital option worth consideration. The black polished stainless steel body is sleek in style, giving a premium finish. The display itself is equally sleek with the illuminated words appearing neatly spread over the face, at the touch of a button. Slicker than your average digital fare.


    £380 / $650 from Biegert & Funk.



  8. Model: Sahara Ray

    Photographer: Amber Asaly

  9. Givenchy - ‘Tyson’ Leather Sneaker


    A black leather hi-top sneaker is going to be anything but underwhelming, especially when Givenchy are pulling the strings. True to expectation, the woven leather starts as they mean to go on, featuring heavily on the body as well as the tongue and leather strap. Just before the black styling becomes a bit too heavy, a couple of licks of white along the sole add some light. The overall package is brilliantly striking, but should be reserved for the taller male to avoid looking like the boy that has raided his Dad’s wardrobe.


    £760 / $1300 from SSENSE.



  10. Model: Carol Melo

    Photographer: Benjamin Askinas

  11. Model: Chanelle Elise

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  12. Garrett Leight - Milwood Sunglasses


    Sunglasses do not come more classically styled than this pair from ‘Garrett Leight’. The ‘Milwood Sun’ frames are supremely sophisticated, right down to the silver pins that adorn the rims and arms. ‘Brandy tortoise’ in colour, with matching polarised lenses, this piece oozes class and would make even the most burly of lumberjacks look like a misunderstood literary genius, in a matter of seconds.


    £190 / $320 from Garret Leight.



  13. Model: Haylie Noire

  14. Frescobel Carioca - Wooden Hand Surfboard


    This wooden hand-held surfboard is one of those items that looks so intriguing, you want to carry it onto the beach without knowing exactly how to use. Essentially a body board that will still glide you over the waves that, if you time your landing well, is small enough to carry in your hand as you commence your walk back up the beach. Also, the classy styling doesn’t necessitate the wetsuit and matted, shoulder-length hair combo that it’s full-sized counterparts do.


    £160 / $275 from Mr. Porter.



  15. Model: Jossa Nova