1. Model: Alana Campos

    Photographer: Mois Nomois

  2. Model: Vanida Savory

    Photographer: Brandon Jordan

  3. Model: Bryana Holly

    Photographer: Neave Bozorgi

  4. Versace - Leather Hi-Top Sneakers


    Rarely understated, but always premium quality, these sneakers are very much cut from the ‘Versace’ cloth. An all-leather affair, buffed black leather stylishly snakes over the cream, grained leather body. A silver medusa head adorns the tongue, completing the decadent style. The striking look can only be a good thing, as you may never take them off given the time and effort needed to tackle the considerable lacing. A piece of high-grade weaponry for when the situation permits.


    £550 / $895 from SSENSE.



  5. Model: Agata Jenczelewska

    Photographer: Raymond Croft

  6. Model: Christina Santini

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  7. Polo Ralph Lauren - Hooded Gilet


    A touch of Gilet class can never go amiss; this time of an American persuasion from ‘Polo Ralph Lauren.’ The bright orange colourway is incredibly striking, with more than a hint of leisurely Sunday sailing in the Hamptons about it. The wind would certainly not be felt as there has been no skimping on the down that fills the quilted body. The tailoring allows for a complimentary garment but, despite its potency, the styling is not particularly urban; being reasonably near an open body of water will definitely give some context to the piece.


    £300 / $490 from Mr. Porter.



  8. Model: Carmella Rose

    Photographer: Yves Huy Truong

  9. Photographer: Nicholas Ramirez

  10. Y-3 - Grey Ribbed Sweatshirt


    Understated and slick pieces are the name of the ‘Y-3’ game, and they have not strayed too far from home with this piece. The jagged panels of grey are simple in style and the iconic stripes on the shoulder give a hint of an all-American sports jersey. Something that is enhanced by the weight of the sweater that is premium but not overbearing. The thick ribbing around the cuffs and waist complete the big time feel of this piece.


    £190 / $310 from Harvey Nichols.



  11. Photographer: Alessandro Casagrande

  12. A.P.C. - Sweatpants


    You only get one first impression so sweatpants are a potentially devastating item of clothing as they are only ever one stain away from making a very bad one. A dark colour and tapered leg can make all the difference; French kings of casual ‘A.P.C’ are right on the money with this pair, delivering comfort in a stylish package. They are relaxed without giving too much away; more tech bro than giro.


    £120 / $195 from Mr. Porter.



  13. Photographer: Van Styles

  14. Model: Sahara Ray

    Photographer: Larsen Sotelo

  15. Dolce & Gabbana - Tartan Bomber Jacket


    An Italian designed, tartan bomber jacket, on paper, sounds like a series of bad decisions, but the merit of this piece from ‘D&G’ is the one thing that Scots won’t be divided on. Tartan has a history of crossing over into designer luxury, bringing a warm, Autumnal look. The virgin wool collar and red leather trim solidify the pedigree that can provide for the clean-cut as well as the bearded.


    £1070 / $1730 from Mr. Porter.