2. Model: Komisa Raven

    Photographer: Christian Long

  3. NN.07 - Cable-Knit Sweater


    As well as fermented fish, clean and functional style is a Scandinavian specialty - evidenced, this time, by Copenhagen. A dark green sweater is usually the bread and butter of the middle-aged tax inspector, but ‘NN.07’ have created a piece with well-balanced style. Classically simple, without unnecessary faff or novelty, the sweater has all the makings for a quality piece of everyday kit. The cable-knit texture adds the little something that is needed to separate the wheat from the chaff.


    £110 / $180 from Mr. Porter.



  4. Model: Monica Sims

    Photographer: Yves Huy Truong

  5. Thom Browne - Cashmere Scarf


    Scarf thickness is an undercover subject of concern; some of the chunky knit options are so thick that you may as well wear a neck brace, but go too thin and you could be wearing a shawl in no time. This piece from ‘Thom Browne’ is right where you want to be, the 100% cashmere is just a pleasant bonus. The style is simplicity itself, deep navy in colour with four white stripes as accents. No more, no less from a piece of truly understated quality.


    £385 / $630 from SSENSE.



  6. Model: Raven Lyn

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  7. Jiri Pelcl - Crystal Glass Tumbler


    The desire to purchase crystal glassware is usually reserved for shortly after retirement, but it never hurts to be ahead of the curve - or to retire early. Designed by Jiri Pelcl, this tumbler blends the rough cut bottom with the smooth, curved body and has a style that is modern and sleek, benefitting from a distinct lack of frosted imagery, golfing or woodland. A perfect contrast to its stiff, peaty, and aged contents. The class too strong and the stigma too potent to be used alone, they come in pairs as standard.


    £156 / $255 from Gurasu.



  8. Model: Bryana Holly

    Photographer: Yves Huy Truong

  9. Hardy Amies - Bomber Jacket


    A lot can be said for simply doing the basics very well. Being steeped in Saville Row rep is unlikely to hinder, but ‘Hardy Amies’ personify that sentiment with this piece that is comprised of quality materials, quality tailoring, and not much else. The fit is tight in all the right places, giving a sense of purpose as it sits on the shoulders, and colours do not come much classier than chocolate brown. Beautiful on the inside as well, the lining is spectacular enough to consider a reversible look, but is a treasure that should remain hidden. A piece so classy that, even if paired with joggers and an NBA jersey, an eccentric style icon would be born.


    £535 / $875 from Mr. Porter.



  10. Model: Sahara Ray

    Photographer: Larsen Sotelo

  11. Model: Karen Vi

    Photographer: Martin Murillo

  12. Apple - iPhone 6


    Whether it merits queueing before sunrise, and the subsequent questioning of personal values, is unclear, but the iPhone 6 has dropped, and is worth at least a lengthy phone call or leisurely stroll in order to get one. Sleek aluminium and a distinct lack of leather or plastic shows that the styling and design disciples are, as ever, on point. The 6 is slightly larger in size compared to previous models, the main benefit of which is a 4.7” HD retina display, but does not become a burden in the pocket. And with Apple Pay looming large, maturity has kicked in and there is substance to the style of the latest iPhone.


    Starting at £539 / $880 from Apple.



  13. Model: Bryden Jenkins

    Photographer: Larsen Sotelo

  14. Model: Naressa Valdez

    Photographer: Alfred M Muteti

  15. Nike - Air Jordan Shine


    Despite being far more likely to spot a pair in the coffee shop of an indie cinema than an actual basketball court, now is not the time to be a maverick. One scuff to that smooth leather and it is game over - the ‘Air Jordan Shine’ is strictly for off-court antics. All-black in colour, the contrast between the woven leather of the body, and the smooth found at the toe and heel is slick in style. Once again, the character embossed on the tongue, graciously leaping toward the rim, is purely decorative.


    £349 / $570 from END.