1. Models: Kasey Elise & Alexa Demie

    Photographer: Clifton Castro

  2. BMW M4 Coupe


    Enter a new contender for the 2014 coupe crown. The fierce, mesh grilled front end, sets the tone for what you would expect from the latest edition from BMW’s M-division. The inbound 3.0L twin turbo generates 425 bhp. Couple that with a carbon fibre driven weight loss of 80 kilos, 0-60 comes down to 4.1 seconds. It’s a stunning looking machine and everything points towards it being a pulse raising weapon when the M4 coupe finally lands in June.


    Starting at £56,175 / $94,000 from BMW



  4. Model: Yolanda Thein

  5. Model: Ebonee Davis

    Photographer: Terry Richardson

  6. Airbus EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style


    With only five in existence, travel doesn’t come much more luxurious than from the inside of an EC145. A fine blend of leather and wood compliments incredibly ambient lighting. However, due to the on board entertainment system, it is unlikely that you will fully appreciate the interior before your journey comes to an end. With slight adjustments to the inside it is even possible to share this experience with five friends, providing you all have deep pockets.


    Starting at £5.8 million / $8.5 million from Airbus.



  7. Stutterheim ‘Arholma’ Raincoat
    It is hard to think that the ‘Arholma’ is even loosely based on a traditional fisherman’s raincoat. There is a distinct lack of toggles and zips, and the slick black finish would not be much use if you went overboard. Each 100% wind and water proof coat is hand sewn, sealed and signed by a ‘Stutterheim’ seamstress. Impressively stacked in fashion and function, if Bruce Wayne found himself aboard a Scandinavian trawler, he’d be wearing an ‘Arholma’.
    £465 / $780 from Stutterheim.


  8. Model: Minh

  9. Model: Dani Vee

    Photographer: David Brisco

  10. Model: SZA

    Photographer: Zach Wolfe

  11. A.P.C. Baseball Cap


    When there is a man or woman on every corner wearing an item of clothing, you have to up your levels. French guys know how to stand out when they need to, and this A.P.C. cap does just that. The cream colour way is subtle, as is the embroidery, but the quality of this piece is as undeniable as it shimmers slightly in sunlight. Don’t get caught wearing the new era cap of a distant American franchise that you know nothing about. Do as the French would, raise the stakes.


    £95 / $160 from A.P.C.



  12. Edwin ‘Waffle’ Rail Bermuda Shorts
    It is mid-April, and if you aren’t already in a pair of shorts, you should be. It is not quite time to start experimenting with how high above the knee you feel comfortable though. Break in the Summer with a faithful pair of bermudas. Who knows quite what ‘waffle’ means, but with their premium feel and all the essentials, this navy pair from Edwin are definitely a banker to go into your rotation. Save the high risk, high reward pairs for when you are on the continent in a few months.
    £130 / $220
  13. Model: Ashley Moore

    Photographer: Aris Jerome

  14. Model: Sahara Ray

    Photographer: Kiyana Tehrani

  15. Model: Bianca Morales

    Photographer: Nicholas Ramirez